Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mylary Hotel - "Original! they have no branches" - amazing dosa!

And so here I was thinking that the Gokul Chats was the best dosa, until Seddu, our friendly rickshaw driver told us of Mylari Hotel, "I take you there madam"

And so Martina Jen and I ventured... it is about 10-15 minutes of the rickshaw but a REAL Indian experience, the three of us ate two dosas (they are medium size, see picture), and had a total of 5 chais, it all costed something like Ruupias 140... amazing!, and delicious.

Just so you know their dosas are fried in butter and come with some more on top.  They are really fluffy.  You need to go before 11 and at 5... those are the dosa times, or ask Seddu.

They were very friendly to us and we were definitelly the only westerners there, an adventure, do try and make it cause you might like it, A LOT

The kitchen

The water we did NOT drink

The plates lined up with banana leafs

Dosas hmmm... 

They only add the white thing, not the other soupy thing whose name I never remember

Pooring chai throughout all the cups at once

We asked for paper towels, they gave us newspaper pieces... really sweet.  Take your own sanitizer.  They do however have a sink with soap.  Oh, and you eat with your right hand only... no forks or anything like it

Enjoying our second cup of chai... lovely!

They were OK with me taking a picture of them after they took one of us... they are all so smiley and happy!

Decorations of the Gods

An article that claims they are the BEST dosa in Mysore... 

Ganesh, of course

Hotel Mylari... nice

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  1. the soup white thing is called Coconut chutney(Caṭanī)..from james altucher blog to claudia mysore blog :) ...nice blog by the way...reading ur blog from india

  2. Thank you Shiva! and thanks for clarifying that!


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